Residential Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

Day of Installation

Helpful Installation Tips

If your home was built before 1978 and you are concerned about lead exposure, please ask your salesperson about lead paint and window installation options.

Retrofit Windows

Most of the work will be done from the inside of your home. Please take the following steps to help the installation process.

  • Clear approx. 3’ to 4’ in front of windows and patio doors being replaced (inside your home).
  • Remove all window treatments (blinds, alarm systems, etc.) on windows being replaced.
  • Move any fragile belongings (frames, vases etc.) away from areas where the installers will be working.
  • Tie or trim back any bushes or trees that may prevent installers from accessing the exterior of the windows.
  • Please note that installers do not paint  any  molding around windows or doors.  Most replaced molding is primer-ready and will need touch up after install  Please keep in mind that we are working with existing frames, therefore; paint or stucco damage may occur during install.  We limit our liability for any paint or stucco damage during installation.
  • If there are any concerns such as pets or personal matters, please discuss with installer or salesperson before install date.  We recommend that you or someone of age be present during install in case any questions or concerns should arise.
  • Material handling- we would like to occupy your driveway.  If by any chance there is a problem with this request, please let us know ahead of time.
  • It is customary for installers to do a surface wipe down of your windows and doors if weather and time allows.  We do not allocate window cleaning charges to our installations.