• Installation lead time is typically 2-4 weeks from ordering product.
  • Expect the crew to arrive between 8-9am on install day, unless specified.
  • Expect an install date within 5 business days of ordering product.
  • Expect an emailed copy of your invoice and warranty prior to install date.
  • It is not customary for the salesperson to be present during install.



  • Remove all window treatments (blinds, alarm systems, etc.) that may be in the way. Contact your alarm company to disconnect and reconnect.
  • Clear approximately 3-4 feet (inside your home) in front of all windows being replaced.
  • Move any fragile belongings (frames, vases, etc.) away from areas where the installers will be working.
  • Tie or trim back any bushes or trees that may prevent installers from access.



  • For material handling, the crew would like to occupy your driveway.
  • The crew will need access to all windows being replaced, for the duration of the install.
  • If there are any concerns such as pets or other personal matters, please discuss it with an installer upon arrival.
  • It is recommended that the person we originally contracted with be present in case any questions or concerns may arise.
  • Upon completion, feel free to hand the final balance owed to the Lead Installer.