Residential Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

Installation FAQs


  • Typically, the crew arrives between 8-9am on install day, unless specified.
  • It is not customary for the salesperson to be present during install.
  • It is customary for installers to do a surface wipe-down of your windows or patio doors after install.
  • It is customary for installers to do a general area clean up and to haul away old window sashes.
  • Throw rugs are generally placed near the working area.
  • Installers do not paint.



  • Remove all window treatments (blinds, alarm systems, etc.) that may be in the way.
  • Clear approximately 3-4 feet (inside your home) in front of all windows being replaced.
  • Move any fragile belongings (frames, vases, etc.) away from areas where the installers will be working.
  • Tie or trim back any bushes or trees that may prevent installers from access.



  • For material handling, the crew would like to occupy your driveway.
  • The crew will need access to all windows being replaced, for the duration of the install.
  • If there are any concerns such as pets or other personal matters, please discuss it with an installer upon arrival.
  • It is recommended that the person we originally contracted with be present in case any questions or concerns may arise.



  • Minor damage may occur, like chipped paint or stucco.
  • The crew does not isolate the work area or cover furniture.
  • The crew does not include detailed floor coverings or provide detailed cleaning of your home or your replaced windows or patio doors.
  • All installations carry a 5-year warranty on any installation defects.
  • City permits may be required.



When considering retrofit installation, you may notice some imperfections.  Keep in mind that we are working with an existing frame area, including walls that may not be leveled. (Reducing imperfections typically would require a new construction install method or stucco work.)  Our goal is to make sure your replacement window is leveled for proper operability and is weather-proofed.  There are typically 3 types of window frames we retrofit – aluminum single pane, metal crank outs, and older wood sash windows.  Below are some details of what to expect.

  • Replacement windows will sit on top of your existing aluminum or metal frame, reducing window space.  On older metal crank-out style windows, the grinding of metal is required.
  • Replacement windows are ordered smaller than your current net opening which allows us to fit the new window in with room to level.  Non-expanding foam is then applied to cover gaps greater than ¼ inch.
  • For interior finish, we use a 1¾ flat trim that is adhered to your new window to hide the old frame and the foam.  Flat trim corners are T-crossed.  A line of white chalk is then run along the flat trim and drywall.
  • On wood sash windows, we only remove the top and bottom sashes and insert a new vinyl block frame window within your existing wood frame.  The only wood typically removed and replaced is a quarter round along the inside of the window frame replaced.  Molding is primer paint ready.

If there are any concerns about the above, please address.