All windows I distribute come with manufacturer’s Full Life Time Warranties, use only AAMA certified components and materials, and are certified by NFRC for performance.

Window Glass
Homeowners often tend to associate “expensive” with “quality”, and in some instances this is the case, but in others, this theory couldn’t be farther from the truth.  Getting the right glass for your window is as important as getting the proper doors or walls for your home.  The glass you get for your window will help to protect your home from the outside elements, in addition to adding a sense of beauty and sophistication to your space.  Therefore, homeowners should educate themselves on the types of glass available and work with the window company to choose the right fit.

I Recommend: Cardinal Glass.  They have been in business since 1962, providing high efficiency residential glazing products.  Cardinal sets the new standard beyond ordinary low-E glass.

Window Frames
Vinyl is made with an increased level of durability and is virtually maintenance free. It is the same color throughout the frame, which means blemishes go unnoticed. Quality vinyl windows are held in place instead of screws, which means greater reinforcement.

I Recommend: Precision-mitered and fusion-welded.

Window Spacer
Warm Edge Technology refers to the type of spacer material used to separate the panes of glass. If the material is less conductive than a conventional aluminum spacer at the edge of the glass, it is said to be warm edge. Most new window spacers are less conductive and outperform aluminum.

I Recommend: Quanex, a solid company that produces quality products.

Window Spacer