Residential Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors


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Now on to The Testimonials.

Thank you to all who were kind enough to take the time to submit one.

Professional Work. My patio door had fogged up. I asked for quote and the patio doors were installed within 4 days. Very impressive. I love the work. It looks better then the whole house doors. Now i need to get the rest of the house patio doors updated. I highly recommend the Paul. He even helped me out with other stuff around the house. and pointed me in the right directions.

Chirag Shah

Our old single-pane glass windows rattled with the slightest winds and had poor insulation to say the least. My wife and I desperately wanted to install windows for our house that is 40+ years old trying to withstand the extreme Inland Empire weather.

Paul’s Windows is the solution to your window needs! After 17 years of wanting to install windows throughout our house, we were finally able to do so because of Paul’s ridiculously affordable pricing!

When I contacted Paul, I was well-informed of the quality of windows his company installs. Paul was informative and made me feel confident about going through with what we needed, nothing more. No gimmicks here! Paul’s team installed new windows throughout our house and a patio sliding glass door. They arrived on time, were very professional and efficient! They also made recommendations of what side the sliding window should be on before the installation, as well as having 3-small panels instead of two big ones. The entire installation process only took a few hours and they even took the old windows with them.

My entire family and I are completely satisfied!!! Our new windows make it quiet inside the house; we don’t hear the train passing by during the night. We definitely feel the difference in cooler/warmer indoor temperature, great insulation! Muchas gracias a Paul y su equipo de trabajadores!

Thank you so much Paul and to your awesome crew!

**We HIGHLY recommend Paul’s Windows!**

Carlos and Carolina

I have had two houses done by Paul so far one in Santa Fe Springs and one in Los Angeles. He has also done a few more in my neighborhood by referral. Paul has the best service and very reasonable prices. Paul was very knowledgeable and his staff was very professional and fast! He will go out of his way to make you happy. You will not be disappointed. Call him first or last he will be your best choice!

Santa fe Springs

Paul and his team far exceeded my expectations. I've done my research and got quotes from several companies. Paul gave me a better quote, educated me with what was really important, and gained my trust from the start. His team arrived on time and were very professional throughout the entire install day. I was impress with how fast they got the job done and how well they cleaned up afterwards. They were also good at answering any questions that I had after the installation, really helped to give me peace of mind.


I just wanted to make a note, I myself am a contractor for over 30 years and rarely am I impressed with contractors because I don't see many folks in the trades who walk the extra mile. I have used Pauls' windows now on 2 projects (which speaks volumes in itself). On one of the projects that was done last year there was a small problem and I am SO impressed with quick and professional handling. I just can't say how positive the experience was. What shows a real pro is not when things go perfect but when there is a problem and it is resolved. This is so much better than the big box store experience. I have no idea why anyone would go anywhere but to Paul's windows. "Money well spent" and that said from a guy who knows how to find true good value. Thanks so much to Paul and his crew for a great product great service and a great price. Be sure you check these guys out if looking for a great window replacement experience.


Best prices, professional, quality work.

Check out my winows:

Los Angeles

It was "divine" intervention!! I was in desperate need of replacing two rather larger sliders. . . Paul & Eddie were like ANGELS!!! Amazing workmanship and pricing!!! 


After getting your quote, I’ll be honest I did not even get a 2nd quote as my gut said I was not going to get anything close to your offer.

Marina del Rey

Thanks for being supportive through the whole window process and so understanding to my health situation you waited till I was ready, no rush, no hassle. Wish there were more people like you in this world.  God Bless.

Diamond Bar

Hi Paul, Love the window and Eddie was great. Works great and Eddie and his partner were VERY efficient and cleaned everything up. I looked to see if you had a Yelp out there to comment on but did not find one. Thank you again. Love it 🙂

Los Alamitos

I found Paul's Windows on Craigslist. A better quality window, better price and faster delivery times just seemed too good to be true. I am working with a budget and told Paul that I wanted to change out windows in phases based on different areas of my home that I will be remodeling. Most companies wouldn’t want to deal with this. But Paul was happy to work with me. I liked the fact that he came out to my house and showed me the product, explained the details about the product and made me feel very comfortable that I was getting a quality product. I wouldn’t go to anyone else. Thanks for all your help.


Well I choose you because the price was about 40% below the others. You know what they say, if it’s too good to be true it's usually not. Well not in this case.


I can’t believe how expensive other companies are. I was a bit hesitant to buy from you at first but after meeting you in person, I felt very comfortable. 

Los Angeles

You were not kidding when you said I will give you a steal, not a deal. I truly got a big bang for my buck.

Monica and David

I never thought I would be able to afford nice windows until I was referred to you by a friend. Thanks.


Wow the response was fast just like you said. You call, install, very simple. 

Patrick and Lisa
Long Beach

Being a Craigslist customer the price seemed too good to be true I thought it was a scam. Although you offered not to pay until delivery. That was a true piece of mind.


My husband and I found Paul's Windows through an online search and it was like discovering a diamond in the rough. During the initial meeting, Paul was prompt and courteous, polite and attentive. He gave us some rough numbers on the total cost of the six windows and three patio doors we needed replacing, including labor, and within a few hours, we were emailed an accurate estimate. It was over our budget, unfortunately, but that's only because we have a small budget to begin with. Anyone else would have abandoned us at that point, but instead, Paul put on his thinking cap and presented us with different game plans, with different window styles and door sizes, and reworked his numbers until it came within our numbers. Through all this, we were never pressured, and were even encouraged to seek other estimates from other companies just to compare. We never bothered. Paul was just that great, and he offers competitive pricing, and had already proved himself to be reliable, and also very open with communication - whether via email, text, or phone, he always responded within minutes. And we can't say enough about his installers, Eddie and his crew. They arrived on time at 7:30am just like they said they would, worked quietly and efficiently and were polite and clean and organized. It was a 96-degree day and they worked nonstop with only a short break for lunch. Apparently, some issues with the window manufacturer manifested - they sent the wrong one or something - and to this day, I'm not even sure what the problem was because Eddie, who was on-site, handled it collaboratively with Paul, who was off-site, and it was done all nice and neat and without any chaos. Toward the end of the day, there was an unfortunate dilemma with the electrical that was not anyone's fault except the electrician who installed the faulty wiring, whoever and whenever that was, but Eddie stayed late into the night to take care of the entire ordeal, and when he suggested I get Paul's advice on the best way to handle the matter, Paul returned my call within minutes. And it was almost 10pm! Overall, we are more than happy with the finished product. No issues at all with any of the doors or windows that were installed. They look great, are energy efficient, and are so sound proof we can't even hear the screeching of the crickets outside at night anymore. We are also more than happy with Paul and Eddie, and we highly recommend Paul's Windows to anyone.

Frank and Lisa