Residential Vinyl Windows and Patio Doors

Window Screen Repair

If you have the proper tools and materials, window screen repair is a task that is easily accomplished by the average handyman.

The Basic Patch
To patch up holes in an existing screen, all you need is a piece of replacement screen.  Cut the replacement screen to the proper size  and use a sewing needle and thread to sew the new piece of screen into the damaged one.

Screen Replacement
Replacing the entire screen altogether takes more material and time but can produce a cleaner look than with that of the patch repair method.  You need a roll of window screen, spline material (rubber that holds the screen in place within the groove of the window), and a spline tool.

  • First, remove the old screen
  • Second, measure the new screen and cut to a size larger than the window that it’s being installed in.
  • Third, use glue to hold the screen in place and install a new strip of spline with the spline tool.

Hire a Professional
Although this is a relatively easy and straightforward job, many homeowners choose to hire a professional to save time.  Most window screen repair companies offer other services as well. These services include window and door frame repair, door screen repair, and replacing or repairing security latches. If you need to repair your window or door screen, and prefer not to do it yourself, hire a professional who specializes in window screen repair, not a do-it-all handyman.  Ask your friends or local contractor for referrals.