Vista PLUS Windows

Quality & High performance with Value

Whether you need to maximize efficiency, beauty and style or just keep it simple, Vista PLUS vinyl windows are ideal for new construction and replacment projects. In addition, Vista PLUS windows feature even sightlines.

Every Vista PLUS window is custom made to your specifications using quality vinyl and high-performance glass. Vista PLUS windows are durable and stylish with features and options that make them the clear choice.

Features & Benefits

Designed for efficiency, beauty & style

  • Quality vinyl: 15-point inspection program for quality assurance.
  • Efficient design: Multichambered frame and interlocking sash with weather strips provide strength and efficiency.
  • Energy-efficient glass: Insulated glass units (dual pane) with a high-performance stainless steel spacer system. Annealed 1/8 glass is standard.
  • User-friendly sash: Includes effortless locking with easy sliding dual rollers and steady balances. Concealed stop latches and slider monorail track included.
  • Better screens: CrystalView™ improved-visibility screen with a sturdy pull rail for easy removal. Screens are not a fall prevention device.


Maximize efficiency, beauty & style

  • Enhance any color scheme: CrystalCoat™ exterior color coatings available with white interior.
  • Increase energy efficiency: LowE3 performance glass with Argon gas (LE3/Ar) available.
  • Improve acoustical properties: Dissimilar glass units with 1/8 and 3/16 glass available.
  • Prepare for an emergency: Egress window sizes and tempered glass (up to 1/4) available.
  • Install flat interior trim: Self-adhesive white vinyl, 1 3/4 inches wide, 1/16 thick.

Types & Styles

Create the greatest views imaginable

Choose from the following windows featuring 3‑1/4‑inch frames and 1‑inch insulated glass units. Other geometric and combination windows available.

Grid Patterns

Divide Lites With Style

A variety of between-the-glass aluminum grid options are available. Adding grids may improve energy performance ratings.

Specialty Glass

Add privacy & beauty

A variety of semi-opaque patterned and tinted glass options are available, including the most popular types, Obscure, Rain, and Matte.


Enhance Any Color Scheme

Choose an exterior color to create two-tone windows and doors. The color coating will be applied to the exterior and the interior will remain white, including grids, screens, and other parts if applicable.

Better Screens

Easy to remove from the inside

CrystalView™ screens include a sturdy pull rail and improved-visibility screen mesh that repels water and resists dirt and grime. Standard screens include two corner pulls and a conventional screen mesh.

Slimline Auto Lock

Effortless Locking

Latch will retract and engage automatically when closing window.

Large Rollers

Easy Sliding Windows

Dual-nylon rollers glide on a raised monorail track with a stainless steel cap. Stainless steel axles included.

Performance Glass

Increase Energy Efficiency

LowE3 performance glass with Argon gas (LE3/Ar) is available and recommended to increase energy efficiency and meet California’s energy requirements, Title 24, Part 6.

Ltd-Lifetime PLUS Warranty

Accidental Glass Breakage**

Lifetime accidental glass breakage available with Limited-Lifetime PLUS Warranty, includes Vista PLUS windows, excludes tempered and specialty glass. Option available to include tempered glass and Buena Vista sliding doors.

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