Energy efficiency is very high on the priority list for many homeowners, and this is often the reason you might decide to replace your decades-old aluminum or wooden frame windows.  Second on the list is choosing a style that compliments the decor of your home.

Priorities for patio doors are no different than that of windows.  Energy efficiency is desired, as is style and pleasant appearance.  When it comes to style, doors seem to be higher on the priority list than windows, perhaps because of its increasingly larger openings, as homeowners opt for an outdoors-indoors feel for entertaining and easy access to patios and balconies.

Patio doors can dramatically change the atmosphere of any room and enhance the views of outdoor areas.  They also provide an attractive accent and can instantly increase the value of your home through enhanced appearance and energy saving features.

Colored exterior patio doors and interior specialized finishes have become popular as manufacturers have begun to offer a wide range of options.  Along with colored finishes and laminated wood grain finishes, there are various screen and hardware selections, as well as the use of green-certified materials.

Some patio doors have enhanced security features, like multiple locks and extra strong frames, and other models can include a pet door.  Additional models offer dust-free internal mini blinds to control light and privacy, and vinyl grids, which give the impression of window panes.

All these, combined with energy efficient glass, offers homeowners the comfort from heat or cold, savings on utility bills, and stylish patio doors that compliment the decor and enhance home value.

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