Yes. However, we will not. Before your custom window order is placed with the manufacturer, your windows will be re-measured by your installer during your pre-installation appointment.

After placing the order, it will typically take about 10-15 working days to receive the windows from the manufacturer. Installs are scheduled around the manufacturer’s delivery date. When they are ready, we will then coordinate an installation date that works with your schedule. Color coating, specialty windows, and unexpected manufacturer backorders may delay your lead time.

Up to fifteen windows and one patio door can usually be installed in one or two days.

Yes. Most windows in homes today have narrower frames than replacement windows. Builders often use new construction (low grade) windows on new homes. Replacement windows are usually one (1) to one and a half (1.5) inches thicker than new construction windows.

Yes. However, they are usually not recommended on some applications. They cost less than a true replacement window.

Yes. Your installer will inspect for additional carpentry work and make suggestions if any are required. Wrapping window face boards or replacing wood sills cost 45.00 to 65.00 extra per opening.

Not usually. These windows are designed for areas with prolonged, extreme heat or cold. With a third pane of glass, the air space between the inside and outside pane is typically the same as two panes. The third pane adds 30% more weight to the sashes, placing an additional strain on moving parts. Three panes require two spacers which double the surface area that can fail.

Crystal Pacific is our primary source; however, at a customer’s request, we can help with Milgard Tuscany or StyleLine series.

Vinyl window manufacturers, in general, use the same components when manufacturing windows.  They all have to adhere to the same window specifications set forth by the American Window Manufacturers Association.  Well-known window companies will spend more money in “branding” or advertising their windows to the buying public which, in turn, raises the cost of their products.

As a customer, the choice is ultimately yours. All we’ve done is select a few, and in return, we keep it simple without sacrificing quality and integrity of the product.

Upon invoice, we will issue you a warranty claim number.  You can then call the manufacturer directly and they will schedule you in within 30 days.  We realize that the manufacturer’s customer service is not their top priority at times, so in the event they are unable to resolve your issue, we encourage you to call us so that we can process your manufacturer’s service request for you.

Manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty on all products for as long as you reside in the property.  Slight variations and curvature, minor scratches and marks, or other visual imperfections are not considered product defects.

Take a list of your window sizes to Home Depot or Lowe’s and ask for pricing on vinyl frame replacement windows.  If asked what brand, select their most popular entry level brand similar to Jeldwin and include z-bar frame, low-e3, argon gas, and screens.  Once you establish a base price for the product, next calculate the installation fee.  On average, the going rate is $125-150 per window.  Finally, add 12-15% for servicing the job and this will give you a good sense of the market rate for window replacements.

No, we do not. Unfortunately, we only sell and install products we offer.

For no other reason than our unparalleled service, direct product cost, quick turn around, and our friendship for as long as you want. We also love and appreciate referrals.

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