What Type of Material Will You Need?

Window frames come in a variety of materials.  Before you start your project, ask yourself a few key questions.  Are you looking for a window that provides design flexibility to match your home decor?  Is exceptional energy efficiency your main goal?  Or, is the best answer, a window that offers energy efficiency at a great value.

Your window material choices:

Vinyl Windows offer excellent insulation, energy efficiency, easy maintenance and tremendous value.  Vinyl windows are most often white but are available in a variety of colors.  They’re typically easily installed and maintained.

Wood Windows give a warm feeling and can be finished to perfectly match interior trim or coordinate with interior decor.  Wood is also a natural insulator to keep out winter cold and summer heat.  But wood windows require occasional maintenance.

Wood Clad Windows offer the traditional beauty and insulating qualities of a wood frame window but exterior surfaces are protected with a low maintenance covering of vinyl, aluminum, or composite material.  They come with interior surfaces unfinished, primed, or pre-finished.  Wood clad windows offer the flexibility to match the interior surfaces to any decor while exterior surfaces come in a variety of pleasing colors.

Aluminum Windows are strong, durable, and last a long time.  But they don’t offer the insulating value of windows made from other materials.

(Although Paul’s Windows only specializes in vinyl products, it is recommended that you do your due diligence to make sure vinyl is the right choice for your home’s windows and patio doors.)

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