Select Your Window Style

Windows are not only allowed to bring the outdoors in, but they provide light and ventilation to your home.  Because the style you choose affects how your window opens or closes, it’s important to consider the window location in  your home.

Choose your style from the following:

Double hung windows have top and bottom sashes that slide open for ventilation in any weather.  Both sashes tilt open for easy cleaning on both sides of the glass.

Single hung windows have upper and lower sashes, but only the bottom sash opens and tilts for easy cleaning.  The top sash remains stationary.

Sliding windows have two vertical sashes, with one sash that slides left or right to provide ventilation.  Sliding windows are perfect for difficult to reach areas such as over a bathtub or a kitchen sink.

Casement windows have vertical sashes that crank open outward to a 90-degree angle, similar to a door.  This makes for easier cleaning from the outside and allows for more glass per window making for better views.  Casement window screens are inside the window frame for easy cleaning and removal.  An easily accessible crank makes this style window also great for above kitchen sinks.

Awning windows have a horizontal lower sash that swings outward from the bottom, allowing ventilation but keeping out rain and wind.

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