Reasons to Replace Your Windows and Doors

Poor performance

  • Air is leaking in and out of your windows or doors, causing hot and cold drafts.
  • There is unsightly fogging between the panes of glass.

Solution: New windows and doors with high-performance insulating glass technology helps eliminate drafts and will help keep the glass from conducting heat or cold — making your home more comfortable and energy efficient year-round.

High energy bills

  • Your old single-pane windows are not energy-efficient, making your furnace and air conditioner work harder.

Solution: Reduce heating and cooling costs by replacing your windows and doors with Low-E (Low-Emissivity) insulating, double- or triple-pane glass. For maximum energy savings, purchase ENERGY STAR® qualified products.

Fade damage

  • You want to prevent your furniture, carpet and window treatments from being damaged by the sun’s fading rays.

Solution: Replacement windows and doors with Low-E (low-emissivity) glass coatings reflect the sun’s UV rays away from your home, to help protect your furniture, drapes and carpets from fade damage.

No emergency escape route

  • Windows and doors that don’t open easily or are painted or nailed shut are a serious safety issue — they may prevent you from escaping your home during a fire when seconds count.

Solution: New windows and doors will glide open and shut easily and lock securely — giving you a dependable escape route and more peace of mind.

They’re just-plain-ugly

  • Window or door frames are chipped or deteriorated
  • Glass is cracked or broken
  • Hardware is missing or damaged
  • There are water stains on or around the window

Solution: New windows and doors will dramatically improve the beauty of your home — inside and out.

They’re a hassle to clean and operate

  • Windows and doors are difficult to open or close
  • Cleaning is a major inconvenience
  • Replacement parts are hard to find or even non-existent
  • Window and door exteriors require frequent scraping and painting

Solution: Today’s replacement wood, fiberglass and vinyl windows open and close almost effortlessly. And, they’re designed to make cleaning the exterior glass from inside your house easy and they require little maintenance. Plus you won’t have to worry about hunting down replacement parts.

Source: Pella

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