My husband and I found Paul’s Windows through an online search and it was like discovering a diamond in the rough. During the initial meeting, Paul was prompt and courteous, polite and attentive. He gave us some rough numbers on the total cost of the six windows and three patio doors we needed replacing, including labor, and within a few hours, we were emailed an accurate estimate. It was over our budget, unfortunately, but that’s only because we have a small budget to begin with. Anyone else would have abandoned us at that point, but instead, Paul put on his thinking cap and presented us with different game plans, with different window styles and door sizes, and reworked his numbers until it came within our numbers. Through all this, we were never pressured, and were even encouraged to seek other estimates from other companies just to compare. We never bothered. Paul was just that great, and he offers competitive pricing, and had already proved himself to be reliable, and also very open with communication – whether via email, text, or phone, he always responded within minutes. And we can’t say enough about his installers, Eddie and his crew. They arrived on time at 7:30am just like they said they would, worked quietly and efficiently and were polite and clean and organized. It was a 96-degree day and they worked nonstop with only a short break for lunch. Apparently, some issues with the window manufacturer manifested – they sent the wrong one or something – and to this day, I’m not even sure what the problem was because Eddie, who was on-site, handled it collaboratively with Paul, who was off-site, and it was done all nice and neat and without any chaos. Toward the end of the day, there was an unfortunate dilemma with the electrical that was not anyone’s fault except the electrician who installed the faulty wiring, whoever and whenever that was, but Eddie stayed late into the night to take care of the entire ordeal, and when he suggested I get Paul’s advice on the best way to handle the matter, Paul returned my call within minutes. And it was almost 10pm! Overall, we are more than happy with the finished product. No issues at all with any of the doors or windows that were installed. They look great, are energy efficient, and are so sound proof we can’t even hear the screeching of the crickets outside at night anymore. We are also more than happy with Paul and Eddie, and we highly recommend Paul’s Windows to anyone.

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