I just wanted to make a note, I myself am a contractor for over 30 years and rarely am I impressed with contractors because I don’t see many folks in the trades who walk the extra mile. I have used Pauls’ windows now on 2 projects (which speaks volumes in itself). On one of the projects that was done last year there was a small problem and I am SO impressed with quick and professional handling. I just can’t say how positive the experience was. What shows a real pro is not when things go perfect but when there is a problem and it is resolved. This is so much better than the big box store experience. I have no idea why anyone would go anywhere but to Paul’s windows. “Money well spent” and that said from a guy who knows how to find true good value. Thanks so much to Paul and his crew for a great product great service and a great price. Be sure you check these guys out if looking for a great window replacement experience.


Many industries and customers continue to feel the effects of the ongoing global supply chain crisis. These market conditions have resulted in longer lead times, and we apologize for any frustration and inconvenience caused to our customers. We will continue to monitor and provide updates, but for now, the current lead times for our manufacturers are as follows:

Crystal Pacific: 2-3 months (casement and nail-on: 3-4 months)
Milgard: 3-5 months

Thank you for your patience and understanding during these challenging times.