Our old single-pane glass windows rattled with the slightest winds and had poor insulation to say the least. My wife and I desperately wanted to install windows for our house that is 40+ years old trying to withstand the extreme Inland Empire weather.

Paul’s Windows is the solution to your window needs! After 17 years of wanting to install windows throughout our house, we were finally able to do so because of Paul’s ridiculously affordable pricing!

When I contacted Paul, I was well-informed of the quality of windows his company installs. Paul was informative and made me feel confident about going through with what we needed, nothing more. No gimmicks here! Paul’s team installed new windows throughout our house and a patio sliding glass door. They arrived on time, were very professional and efficient! They also made recommendations of what side the sliding window should be on before the installation, as well as having 3-small panels instead of two big ones. The entire installation process only took a few hours and they even took the old windows with them.

My entire family and I are completely satisfied!!! Our new windows make it quiet inside the house; we don’t hear the train passing by during the night. We definitely feel the difference in cooler/warmer indoor temperature, great insulation! Muchas gracias a Paul y su equipo de trabajadores!

Thank you so much Paul and to your awesome crew!

**We HIGHLY recommend Paul’s Windows!**

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