What To Expect With Vinyl Retrofit Window and Patio Door Replacements

  • Vinyl dual pane windows will only dampen some noise. You may not notice much of a difference between your old windows and the new.
  • Vinyl windows will slow the heat transfer in the summer, helping to keep in the cool air from your A/C system and will slow the heat from escaping during the winter. If you do not have central air and heat, you may not notice any difference in temperature control. Your overall home insulation plays a big part in temperature control, not just your windows.
  • Vinyl windows are made in assembly fashion which lack detail – you may want to consider a wood clad window if detail is what you’re looking for.
  • When working with an existing frame as we do when retrofitting, we can only work with what conditions exist. If perfection is your expectation, you may want to consider new construction.
  • Minor glass and vinyl impurity are not considered a product defect.
  • Screens are not perfect. They command the least amount of attention.
  • If your windows currently leak, a retrofit install may not correct the problem.


Installation Day

  • The crew does not handle window coverings or blinds.
  • Remove all window treatments (blinds, alarm systems, etc.) that may be in the way. Contact your alarm company to disconnect and reconnect.
  • Clear approximately 3-4 feet (inside your home) in front of all windows being replaced.
  • Move any fragile belongings (frames, vases, etc.) away from areas where the installers will be working.
  • Tie or trim back any bushes or trees that may prevent installers from access.
  • For material handling, the crew would like to occupy your driveway.
  • The crew will need access to all windows being replaced, for the duration of the install.
  • If there are any concerns such as pets or other personal matters, please discuss it with an installer upon arrival.
  • It is recommended that the person we originally contracted with be present in case any questions or concerns may arise.

If customer allows installers to handle their furniture and window coverings, customer agrees to take full responsibility if any damages occur.


Common Standard Industry Issues

  • Minor paint or stucco damage
  • Wrong window size was ordered.
  • Manufacturer back orders.
  • Screen not included with a window.
  • Experience a leak on a torrential rain day.

All issues are handled as soon as possible.

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