Window Styles

Double Hung

You can’t get more traditional than this classic window style. Both top and bottom sashes can open. To encourage lots of air circulation, open both sashes halfway. On double hung tilt windows, the sashes tilt inward to enable easy cleaning of the exterior faces of both the top and bottom sash.

Horizontal Sliding

These windows are prevalent in all types of construction and can fit most old window replacements, but also have a nail fin frame for new construction. Its smooth operation is obtained with few moving parts and requires only low maintenance with easy to clean surfaces. Made by durable all welded construction frame in a design that protects a home’s interior from all types of weather, it also features a night latch that provides ventilation during the night.


These windows do not have any operating mechanisms. There are a wide variety of shapes, with either curved or straight frames. Picture windows can be designed as freestanding units or in combination with other vinyl windows.

Energy Efficient Single Hung Windows

Single Hung

A smart choice for your home, the single hung window has a fixed top sash that does not operate and a lower sash that can be operated vertically. This type of window can offer increased insulation from the elements. Both new construction and replacement window styles are available, and you can also select from a number of other options to give your windows the perfect look and feel for your home. 


Awnings are hinged at the top and open outward. The glass protects the opening like an awning, enabling ventilation even during rainy weather. Awning windows are ideal accents above or below picture windows, giving them a place in nearly any style of home.


A casement window is hinged at the side and opens outward. These windows provide excellent ventilation, at times literally reaching out to catch the breeze. It looks like a narrow picture window because, unlike double hung or sliding windows, it has no rail to obstruct the view.

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